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    100 sex workers illegally arrested, robbed and raped near Rio

    Niterói, May 23, 2014 Published in the Observatório da Prostituição (link) I am a research collaborator with the  Observatório da Prostituição (Observatory on Prostitution), an extension project of the Metropolitan ...

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    Rest in peace Natalha

    I have never met a woman who has been through such hell and emerged with such resilience. Natalha worked for thirteen years in Vila and knew Aline from ...

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    Prostitutes protest in Rio’s sister city

    In preparation for this summer’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, Rio has been undergoing the biggest prostitution crackdown in a generation, closing venues, arresting prostitutes, even seizing ...

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    Eviction Rumors

    “Have you heard the rumors we have to move?” Aline asks her colleagues the question that scares her the most – Have they heard the rumors the red ...

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    Trafficked in Portugal

    Patricia, a sex worker in Rio’s red light district, has traveled abroad multiple times over the last 16 years to work in in Spain’s sex industry. On her ...

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    Ana Paula da Silva 2

    The Myth of Maria

    What is the profile of a Brazilian sex trafficking victim? Brazilian anthropologists Ana Paula da Silva, Thaddeus Blanchette and Andressa Raylane Bento explain how the common face of Brazilian sex trafficking ...

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    Ana Paula da Silva 2

    Brazilian Sex Trafficking

    Is sex trafficking a problem in Brazil? Do Brazilian women get trafficked abroad? Brazilian anthropologists Ana Paula da Silva, Thaddeus Blanchette and Andressa Raylane Bento unpack how a ...

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    My First Time

    22 women in Rio’s working class red light district talk about the first time they did sex work, what it was like, and why they’re still doing it. ...

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    Milena is one of the first women I met in Vila Mimosa in January of 2012. She was working as a manager at the house Aline works as ...

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    22 women in Rio’s red light district talk about why they work in the sex industry. All of them support their families with their income.   ...

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