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Exit Plans

Paulinha, prostituta ha dez anos na Vila Mimosa que sustenta dois filhos e um neto com seu dinheiro de ca, diz que tem planos para sair. Video em português.

Paula has worked for the past ten years in Vila Mimosa, and supports her two sons and her grandson with the money she makes as a sex worker. She also sells clothes on the side, to other women who work in Vila. If she owned instead of renting, she could live off the money she makes selling clothes. “But nobody gets out of here without a plan,” she tells Aline:

I plan to stop working at the end of this year.

As long as I accomplish my goal of buying some land.

I don’t care if I even have to work as a housekeeper. I’m out of here.

This isn’t a life for anyone. It’s a shame, to work here.

Nobody wants to date you.

You don’t have a life… you don’t live, when you’re working here.

Who is going to want a girlfriend who works in Vila Mimosa?

How can you walk down the street without people looking at you like they know?

You can’t go to parties, or live shows, because every man in Rio comes here.

You’re right, it’s hard. But God willing, you’re going to get out of here and find a job…

God willing.

This isn’t a life for anyone. I know, because I work here too, and I know what I go through. The stigma of working here is a lot to handle.

There is so much prejudice against us. Not just from men, but women too. Everyone around here looks at you like they know.

It’s hard. You have to have a lot of… I don’t even know.

So this is your life. 

This is my life. I’m trying to make it better. God willing, it’s going to get better.

OK. Thank you love.

You’re welcome.



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