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“Tell me about love”

Jaqueline trabalha por varias casas na Vila Mimosa como faxinheira. Nesse video, ela fala das amores que ela ja tive na Vila. Video em português.

Jaqueline works as a cleaning lady for a number of houses in Vila Mimosa. In this video, she talks about love.


Tell me about love in Vila Mimosa.

I’ve been with more than forty women here. Maybe more.

I’ve had my heart broken. Sometimes you love someone too much, and they end up hurting you.

I was with Fabricia for seven years. I still have her name tattooed on my skin.

We were together for seven years. I got her out of here, because she was using too many drugs.

And when you love someone, you walk with them till the end.

That’s what happened, and I raised her son, who was two at the time.

I got her out of here seven years ago. She doesn’t work here anymore.

But back then, she was using a lot of drugs. Practically all day.

And when I would see her like that… she would just be sitting against the wall, paralyzed, looking at me, but she couldn’t say anything.

I would get upset, because I didn’t want to see her like that. So I did everything I could to get her out of there.

I got out of here too, and stayed with her for a while.

But there were a lot of women before her. I had one in every house. So many…

The woman I’m with right now gets jealous too easily. And too much jealousy interferes in the relationship. I get jealous too, but I can control it.

She thinks I should only talk to the same people she’s talking to. But that’s not how it is here. I know everyone and talk to anyone.

I kiss and hug and touch other women, but it’s because she’s given me permission.

Do you see yourself in a monogamous relationship?

I’m with one at a time. But here it’s so… how do I say this? The women here aren’t satisfied with just one. The women these days run hotter than the men.

And when they see one dressed like me, they want to go out with me.

These days, the men are losing out to the women. In terms of being caring and affectionate. A lot of men act really ignorant. So the women end up going somewhere else…


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