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“This is a dying profession”

Carla tem um trailer do lado da Vila Mimosa onde servem garotas de programa, clientes, e residentes do bairro. “Eu amo esse lugar,” diz Carla. Nunca trabalhou como garota de programa, mas se considera uma aliada. Nesse video, Carla explica por qué ela acha que a profissão está acabando. Em português; filmado em 2012.

Carla runs a food trailer next door to Vila Mimosa, Rio’s red light district, where she serves women who work there, their clients, and residents of the surrounding neighborhood. Even though she has never worked as a prostitute, Carla and her girlfriend consider themselves allies to the women who work in Vila Mimosa. “Everyone has her own story and her own reasons.”

Carla says the local economy of Rio’s red light district supports a lot of people, including three employees for her food trailer: “People say water sustains the planet. No. It’s money.” In this video filmed on the street outside Vila Mimosa, she explains why she thinks prostitution is a dying profession:


Why is Vila Mimosa so empty, when it used to be full of clients?

It’s very simple. I heard this explanation from a client here.

These days, a girl who is 18 or 19 will give it up for free, without charging anything.

So he asks himself, hypocritically, “Why bother paying?”

Vila Mimosa has turned into a shopping center, where people come to drink and window shop.

The brothels are the store windows, and the women are the mannequins.

Some people say Vila Mimosa is violent. It isn’t. It’s just that some people come here and mistake it for a place where anything goes.

They think they can come here and put their hands on the women. Or they’ll try to leave without paying.

Some people forget that we show up here to work.

But that’s not how it works…. the law exists for all of us to follow.

So that’s how it is these days. Because women put such a low value on themselves, men have it easier, and less people will pay for it.

It’s a dying profession.

It’s something I never thought would happen, because prostitution is an old profession, as Mary Magdalene attests to.

The way I see it, prostitution is a dying profession.

For all  the women, from the youngest to the oldest.





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