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“I wish for dignity for everyone.”

If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you ask for? It could be for yourself, or for Vila Mimosa.

INDIRA:  I wish for good health for my whole family. Without good health, what good is money?

When I have good health, I don’t need money, because I work hard to make it. So I want a lot of good health.

I wish for my family to be honest, especially my sons. I wish for them to be real men, and never take from anyone else.

My third wish isn’t for me. I ask it for the whole world.

I wish for more dignity for everyone. More respect. And good health. For the whole world.

There are a lot of sick people. When I go by the health clinic, I don’t see people getting better. You see people dying instead of getting better.

That’s what I wish for.

ALINE: If you’re done, I’m going to make my wishes now.

I wish for the same thing as her:  Respect for everyone, because we’re all equal.

I wish for good health.

And I wish I had all my daughters here with me.

That’s all I want. because with good health, I can accomplish all my other objectives.

Respect, because I think we’re all equal. Nobody is better than anyone else.

A lot of people who have more think they can step on people, because they’re black or white. I wish that didn’t exist.

INDIRA: Imagine if we were all treated equal. Rich or poor.

Imagine how far we could go if we were all treated with dignity.

Versus disrespect. We show up somewhere and everyone looks at us funny.

How would they look at her [the camera woman], versus me?  They’re going to think I’m a thief, and she’s a princess.



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