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“This here is my life.”

If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you ask for? It could be for yourself, or for Vila Mimosa.

For Vila Mimosa, I would wish for urbanization and clean this whole place up.

I wish the women here were treated like women.

Because a lot of people say these women have the easy life. But I don’t see anything easy about it.

You have to go to bed with a man you’ve never met before. Often it’s a man with zero personal hygiene.

So I like to have a lot of respect for all the women who work here.

I’m on Team Vila Mimosa. I love Vila Mimosa. This here is my life.

And I wish people would raise their level of consciousness and see that the price the women charge here is a shame.

It’s like you’re not even paying, you’re leaving a tip.

For me, for my personal life, I wish for good working conditions. And improvements, which I’ve been seeing lately.

And I wish our politicians could kick us a little bit more support.


>> Watch more from Carla, an ally to the women in Vila Mimosa who ran a food trailer next door at the time of this interview, where she served sex workers, their clients, and residents of the surrounding neighborhood. “I wouldn’t trade Vila Mimosa for anywhere in the world.”



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