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“What is your ideal client?”

“Describe your ideal client.” Twelve escorts and one brothel owner agree that the ideal client is one who doesn’t cause any problems.

Doze prostitutas e uma dona de casa concordam que o cliente ideal é quem chegar, pagar, e vai embora sem problemas. Video em português.

“A client should know how to be pleasant. For me to be pleasant with him, he needs to be pleasant with me.”

“The ideal client is well behaved, pays for his session, and leaves on good terms.”

“There are ignorant types who think that, because they are paying, they can do whatever they want and cause problems. And that’s not how it is.”

“You can’t show up here trying to hit me and yell at me because you paid.”

“I prefer older clients. They show us more respect.”

“I prefer clients who want to talk a bit and get to know me, versus clients who come in grabbing at me, thinking that, because they paid, they can just come in and do it.”

“The ideal client doesn’t ask a bunch of stupid questions. He doesn’t ask me details about my personal life. He treats me with respect. He doesn’t hurt me or hit me or beat me.”





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