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“Figure out how to pay for your autonomy”

Essa ė terceira parte de uma entrevista rara com a Graça, presidente da AMOCAVIM e ex-prostituta na Vila Mimosa. Primeira parte sobre independência; segunda parte sobre regras na Vila. Nessa parte ela explica por que “a mulher não tem que sentir vergonha dizer que ela é uma puta.” Video em português.

This is the third part of a rare interview with Graça, the president of AMOCAVIM, the association of brothel owners of Vila Mimosa, and a former sex worker in Vila Mimosa. In the first part, Graça talks about why prostitution can be a good thing for a woman (“Here you can earn your independence“). Next she talks about what is and isn’t allowed in Vila.

In this part, she talks about how a woman who works in Vila Mimosa “shouldn’t feel ashamed to say she’s a whore,” because they support themselves and their families with the money. Still, she acknowledges, prejudice and discrimination are strong.


Graça: There is a lot of prejudice in Brazil.

People here look at prostitution… prostitutes are discriminated against anywhere you go in Rio.

I don’t know what it’s like abroad, but here, they are totally discriminated against.

I don’t think a woman should be ashamed to say she’s a whore.

Not that I think you should have to say anything. Because people will discriminate against you.

If you go out there and say you’re a prostitute… they’ll get possessive, or try to humiliate you.

I tell the women here, “Figure out how to pay for your autonomy.” As a manicurist, hair stylist, tailor… take a class and learn a skill.

Because time flies by, and the years are not forgiving. Today you’re young and beautiful, but tomorrow…

You’ve got a certain window of time, right?

And it closes fast.

Where does this prejudice come from?

From society. From the family. From society itself. If your family doesn’t accept you, imagine society in general.

But a lot of families feed themselves because of Vila Mimosa: prostitutes, snack vendors, food vendors, clothing vendors, cleaning ladies…

They feed themselves here. So they don’t have to be prejudiced about it.

But if you tell your family you’re working in Vila Mimosa, even if you’re just sweeping the hallways or cleaning the houses, they’re already scared.

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