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“I think it’s slavery to depend on someone like that”

Aline asks Bruna if she would be in a relationship with a man just for his money.

“I think it’s slavery to depend on someone like that,” Bruna says.

Bruna is 24, has one child, and has been working in Vila Mimosa for the last three years. She is in a relationship with another woman who works in Vila.

Aline: “Do you regret having come here?”

Bruna: “A little bit.”

Aline: “What would you rather be doing?”

Bruna: “Work for myself.”

If she could change anything about her job:

“Sanitation, first of all,” she says, referring to the general filth and open sewage lines many of her colleagues have also complained about.

“And I don’t think men should be able to just come hang out at the bars here and drink. There are men who come here with a different intention than what I want. I want to make money. I’m not joking around.”



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