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32 Days of Sex – World Cup through the eyes of a prostitute in Rio (WEEK ONE)

Rio de Janeiro welcomed over 886,000 tourists to town for the 32 days of World Cup this summer.

Half a mile from Maracanã Stadium, Vila Mimosa — Rio’s red light district and the largest of almost 300 sex venues in Rio — geared up with brothel remodels and high expectations.

What would happen when World Cup kicked off in one of the biggest sex zones on the planet?

I asked my friend Aline, my friend in Vila who filmed the Red Light Rio project with me, to document her work life for the next 32 days. This is what she filmed for the first week of World Cup, June 12-18, 2014.

A few notes:

A programa or “program” means “trick”, or session with a client.

The manager of the house where Aline works, Mr. Anise, appears in the footage. House managers are not to be confused with the owners of the houses, who employ them. Prostitutes are not employed by the owners of the houses – they move freely between them, maintain their own schedules, and pay out about R$10 (US$5) per program for rent of the room. Vila Mimosa is currently governed by AMOCAVIM, the association of house owners of Vila Mimosa.

Aline mentions working a second job volunteering for a project to raise awareness about human trafficking. She’s referring to the UN.GIFT Box in partnership with NGO STOP THE TRAFFIK that appeared briefly near Vila Mimosa during the first week of World Cup.

Aline mentions her friend Gabi also complained business was slow. You can watch Gabi’s interview here.

Special thanks to MC Serginho, who generously donated his track Dama da Noite, an homage to Rio’s prostitutes, to the Red Light Rio project.

Special thanks to GOPRO for donating the camera we used!




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