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“I don’t need a man anymore. For anything.”

Essa ė quarta parte de uma entrevista rara com a Graça, presidente da AMOCAVIM e ex-prostituta na Vila Mimosa, sobre seu homem ideal: “Hoje eu nao preciso [de um homem] mais. Para nada. Né? Para nada.” Primeira parte sobre independência; segunda parte sobre regras na Vila.; dai ela explica por que “a mulher não tem que sentir vergonha dizer que ela é uma puta.” Videos em português.

This is the fourth part of a rare interview with Graça, the president of AMOCAVIM, the association of brothel owners of Vila Mimosa, and a former sex worker in Vila Mimosa. In the first part, Graça talks about why prostitution can be a good thing for a woman (“Here you can earn your independence“). In “Rules,” she explains what is and isn’t allowed in Vila. Next she talks about how a woman who works in Vila Mimosa “shouldn’t feel ashamed to say she’s a whore.”


Are you married? Single? Or have you had many lovers?

Graça: I don’t have any left. But I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced… I don’t have anyone now. Today I live my life for my family and for Vila Mimosa.

Do you think your ideal man exists? What would he be like? Or are you in a place where you don’t need a man anymore?

I don’t need a man anymore. For anything. For anything.

A companion would be nice. But it’s hard to find a companion these days. I’m already a certain age. And a man who came into my life today would want to tell me and my family what to do. And I’m too much of an independent woman for that.

I like my freedom. But freedom always has a price. So for me to have my freedom, I can’t have a man.



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